High up in the Himalayas in the Annapurna mountain range of Nepal, there is a village called Chitre which had nor a school nor had it any medical facilities.  

Being one of the world’s poorest countries it lies sandwiched between Tibet and India.  With merely a strip of flat lands in the south it quickly rises to steep hills resulting in some of the worlds steepest and highest mountains.  Is it Shangri-La?

NO, it is hard to survive here with little industry, few government jobs (mostly reserved for the high-castes), depending largely to sustaining farming, day-jobs, cheap labor-contracts abroad and tourist-activities.  With hardly any social and medical help, very few pensions and loan-sharking very few options are open to develop personally or as a community.

Nepal is truly one of the worlds most beautiful countries but also one of its poorest! Additionally chronic underfeeding by unvaried food-staple with inadequate vitamins and minerals results in backwardness and learning difficulties for small children, inflicting their future life with intellectual and physical handicaps, lack of concentration and so on…

This is why a group of volunteers established this non-profit organization/Bikas with small-scale projects trying to stimulate and change. Yes mere: 

Ripples in a vast ocean of mountains.

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