Corona Flash Message

Dear Mme, Sir,

The world under the spell of Corona.

In the world and thus NEPAL too.

In our Western developed nations endless complaints about inconveniences but offcourse also far too many fatalities.

Few (known) deaths in Nepal but already in full lockdown for 7 weeks. In any case, the emergency capacity and the resources in the hospitals here are totally insufficient for a similar uproar as in our counties.

NOT to come outside or get beaten by the police, no work and staying in small huts, rented rooms getting bored to death. In the cities, the people are housed very small and therefore densely packed.

NOT able to go walking, cycling or drive by car.

Food stores open only a few hours a day.

NO visits to doctors and dental offices, pharmacies, only emergency.

But above all: NO INCOME for 95% of the population. Especially the poor and day laborers in small rental rooms are massively put on the street for not paying the rent.

Ordinary people have barely any savings books so real HUNGER strikes here.

Emergency action is needed and so we have started since Friday with the purchase and distribution of an emergency food package for the poorest of the poor.

We have already distributed> 100 packages, which means that our EMERGENCY FUND is now exhausted, so we urgently need your help. It is also just 5 years ago that the earthquake in Nepal struck and then we immediately took action.

Please buy a FOOD PACKAGE?

A week-long survival pack includes:

  • 15 kg of rice
  • 1 liter of oil
  • 1 kg of split beans
  • 1 kg of soybeans
  • 1 kg of salt
  • 2 packs of herbs
  • 2 pieces of disinfection soap
  • 5 locally made and washable masks (mandatory in Nepal)

With €50.00 ($60,00) you buy basic food for 1 month for 1 small family of approx. 5 people.

Thanks to our tax certificate, you only pay € 27.50. If you really want to donate € 50.00, deposit € 90.90 (only applicable for tax-payers in Belgium).

We were exceptionally licensed to drive around for 14 days, so get involved to make this 14 day a success.

Deposit now at be14 3800 1081 6783 (SWIFT-code: BBRUBEBB) in the name of. Himalayan Projects NPO and make a difference. Please mention CORONA so that your contribution goes entirely to the purchase of food.

Thank you in advance for your solidarity. Support us to make a difference.

Yes: “Ripples in an ocean of mountains”.

Yours sincerely, the Bsure team of the Belgian Himalayan Projects NPO and Nepalese Himalaya Pariyojana Nepal.