Namaste dear sponsors and well-wishers,

In the daily press nothing but doom and gloom without much perspective.  We, however prefer bringing positive news about our achievements in that seemingly endless enchanting mountain range called the Himalayas. 

For 15 years now, of which 10 years as a recognized non-profit organization we want to bring positive things to Nepal.  In other words, 15 years of development work with many results: the construction of a few schools, a medical post with a dental cabinet and lab, footbridges, water pipes and solar energy, houses for orphans and people in poverty, a playground and sports fields.  We sponsored several hundred students and paid urgent surgeries and a kidney transplant.

Well, it’s just “Ripples in an ocean of mountains”, but ripples become waves, right?  The icing on the cake is the crowning achievement of “The Shree Lali Gurans Primary School” in Chitre as “Best primary school in the Myagdi district”!

Please read our full story and watch more pictures in our news report below.