From OLD 2021 to NEW 2022

Namaste dear sponsor, sympathizer, WISHING YOU A VERY HAPPY END OF YEAR AND A HEALTHY NEW YEAR. A difficult year has passed and still uncertain about the future. This is what life is like with us now. As for most in the less developed (financial) countries. It was challenging working in Nepal this year. With … Lees meer

Corona Flash Message

Dear Mme, Sir, The world under the spell of Corona. In the world and thus NEPAL too. In our Western developed nations endless complaints about inconveniences but offcourse also far too many fatalities. Few (known) deaths in Nepal but already in full lockdown for 7 weeks. In any case, the emergency capacity and the resources in the … Lees meer


This year it wad almost only about fighting Corona battles at home and in Nepal. Please read all about it in our latest newsletter.


* In 2019 we donated 25 computers, a smart tv and printer to the Shtee Ambika Secundary School in Hyangja. A former Swedish volunteer teacher will sponsor some recent orphan’s of this school. * Our 7th Medical tour by our Bsure-team was a great succes.  Dr. Jan’s team was reinforced by Dr. Jos and his … Lees meer


Namaste honoured donors, sponsors & well-wishers, Here, I would have preferred to write this news from a tiny everyday Mo:Mo restaurant along the road just outside of Hetauda in the hot south: the best so far in Nepal (Except for Nita´s, my wife).  And so the story begins about our achievements in 2018: projects that … Lees meer


Namaste, honoured donors, sponsors and well-wishers, Time for a big overview of our operations in the past year. It was a busy year in both Belgium and Nepal. With the help of the Bsure team and numerous volunteers, we succeeded. A lot of work has been done.  Yet, mere “Ripples in an ocean of mountains”, but still. In Bhamikele, a … Lees meer


Namaste Dear donors, sponsors and sympathizers, The earthquake has been almost 2 years ago, it seems like an eternity. However, there is still plenty of work to do.  Rebuilding will take years to complete, but let’s be positive.  “Ripples in an ocean of mountains.” For example, we are now thinking of the very first need … Lees meer


Namaste dear donors, sponsors and sympathizers, And then there was that earthquake on 25th of April, now called NEPALQUAKE. As if Nepal hasn’t anu problems enough already.  Till recently a feudal kingdom, then that early democratic catch-up movement with a civil war as a result.  And now again the eternal power struggle between dozens of parties … Lees meer

25/04/2015: Earthquake: what we can do

We have a plan!  Dr Jan Dryhoel and nurse are coming from Belgium and together with them will be travelling to Dhading district to povide help on the way to our final destination, Darkha where all houses are destroyed and many dead and injured and where is no food. So, we will be buying food … Lees meer