25/04/2015: Earthquake: what we can do

We have a plan!  Dr Jan Dryhoel and nurse are coming from Belgium and together with them will be travelling to Dhading district to povide help on the way to our final destination, Darkha where all houses are destroyed and many dead and injured and where is no food.

So, we will be buying food as well and the local Red Crosse is provinding us with a list of to buy medicines.

He is leaving asap so any financial donation is more than welcome so we can buy enough foof for all villages along the way.

A Nepalese journalist will accompany us so there will be extensive reporting s well.

Help us to help them.  The more money the more trucks we can fill.

Donate any amount to our projectaccount:

Himalyan Projects NGO, Leiselestraat 138, B-8200 Sint-Michiels

Account Iban-code: be14 3800 1081 6783, Bic-code: BBRUBEBB anden .

Thanks for you support