Namaste dear donors, sponsors and sympathizers,

And then there was that earthquake on 25th of April, now called NEPALQUAKE.

As if Nepal hasn’t anu problems enough already.  Till recently a feudal kingdom, then that early democratic catch-up movement with a civil war as a result.  And now again the eternal power struggle between dozens of parties and interest groups.  And meanwhile, after 7 years, there is still no constitution.  But no, the final text is repeatedly stopped and even neighboring countries are invited to boycott by means of border blocks.  As if a constitution can never be amended again.  People have introduced democracy, but does anyone there know what that means and what it means?  They try to maintain the old power systems and working methods with new titles, nothing more.

In the meantime, hundreds of thousands are still camping under a tent canvas (well, surviving) 10 months after the fatal earthquake and that in freezing temperatures at night.  Relief supplies, foodstuffs and medicines hardly ever enter the border.  Also hardly any petrol and cooking gas.  Back to the Middle Ages then, because you can hardly speak of electricity or water supply with just a few hours a day, at best.

To become discouraged?  The Nepalese have no choice and that is why it is up to us to give them a boost.  With structural help such as building schools and medical posts, setting up medical and dental camps and also providing drinking water.  As an example and inspiration, but just as much to show them that they are not alone. Bsure!

Please read our full report below and find out all about:

  • Nepalquake 25/04/2015
  • Inauguration Chinnebas secundary school
  • Visit to the primary boarding school for the DEAF
  • Building a mother’s committee house in Aggridanda
  • Medical post and primary school in Chitre
  • Joint-venture Aasha Project and Kerun Association
  • Future plans
  • Actions taken in Belgium, Sweden and the U.K.

Greetings from Paul Vande Moortel, chairman Himalayan Projects.