Namaste Dear donors, sponsors and sympathizers,

The earthquake has been almost 2 years ago, it seems like an eternity. However, there is still plenty of work to do.  Rebuilding will take years to complete, but let’s be positive.  “Ripples in an ocean of mountains.”

For example, we are now thinking of the very first need of man (and animals and plants): water. That’s where it starts. Hundreds of villages have no safe or no water anymore due to the earthquake. So we decided to help two villages with the water supply: one in the south for the landless and one in the epicentre of the NEPALQUAKE 2015.

Doctor cum dentist Jan Dryhoel was again the Bsure-team leader for our medical camps. Because we notice the great need for medical help with him, we call on doctors, dentists and nurses. And we are making ambitious plans to convert a 4×4 bus into a mobile station!  Read more further on in this newsletter: we will definitely be able to use your help.

Our permanent project schools in Chitre and Chinnebas were of course not neglected. They were each visited by an American and Belgian volunteer teacher to do quality education. We also make educational boxes to reach out to even more schools.

In the meantime, our medical post in Chitre received a new, fully trained nurse.

With many greetings from Paul Vande Moortel, chairman, Nita Buduja Pun and the Bsure team.