Namaste honoured donors, sponsors & well-wishers,

Here, I would have preferred to write this news from a tiny everyday Mo:Mo restaurant along the road just outside of Hetauda in the hot south: the best so far in Nepal (Except for Nita´s, my wife).  And so the story begins about our achievements in 2018: projects that are almost finished, others adjusted and new ones started up.  A job that could only be done with the help of volunteers such as the Kerun school projects and also Dr. Jan Dryhoel and numerous anonymous ones, in Nepal as well.

Together taking small steps towards an ideal world:

* A 6th tour with the Bsure team, conducted by Jan Dryhoel, is over with a first: a visit to another Belgian NGO that moves a lot of mountains, especially for street children and addicts. On to No. 7.

* In the mountain village of Bhamikele, the second floor has now been built and the school’s interior and design can be started. * Just outside Pokhara we found an ambitious school that could use our help: the Shree Ambika Secondary School in Hyangja.

* In Siling we continue with our 7 village water project.

* The reconstruction of the school complex in Chinnebas is nearing its end phase: on April 26, 2019 there will be an official opening with a Flemish delegation and we will build an association building for low ‘castes’, the ‘Dhalits’.

* The drinking water project in Jutpani for “landless people” turned out to be not so healthy, so we placed a professional filter there.

* Furthermore, our new nurse in Chitre will be discussed, the establishment of our Nepalese NGO and many items from our own country.

Many greetings from the duty editor Paul Vande Moortel, chairman, as well as from Nita Buduja Pun, Hedwig Racquet and Eddy Goemans of the Kerun Schoolprojects and Dr. Jan Dryhoel (Bsure-team).

Please read our extended report with lots of photo’s downloadable here below: