Namaste, honoured donors, sponsors and well-wishers,

Time for a big overview of our operations in the past year. It was a busy year in both Belgium and Nepal. With the help of the Bsure team and numerous volunteers, we succeeded. A lot of work has been done. 

Yet, mere “Ripples in an ocean of mountains”, but still.

In Bhamikele, a mountain village, we are building a full-fledged secondary school for quality education in the mountains. This will be a first!

In Jutpani, we officially opened the water project: 220 landless families now have access to free and safe spring water all year round.

For the 5th time, the Bsure team led by Dr. Jan Dryhoel and additional nurses a free medical camp in six different places. Very busy with> 2500 patients, but great to be able to help so many people with basic medicine and dentistry to which so many Nepalese people barely or have no access. Now, that’s why we are there (to be sure)!

The water project in Siling is nearing completion: the source is enough to help another three villages nearby. A final sprint!

The final phase of the full reconstruction of primary secondary school has also started in Chinnebas. In the fall we can go there for the inauguration. Anyone who wants can join! We provide an immersion trip including small draw and project visit. Contact us and come along.

In Belgium we held information and food stands, benefits and school promotions. We have also – finally – updated the folder, following the loss of our domain name. Fortunately, here’s a new one: “Himalayan-projects.org” (old one with an extra dash).

With many greetings from Paul Vande Moortel, chairman and also on behalf of Nita Buduja Pun, secretary, the Kerun Schoolprojects from Grimbergen / Tielt-Winge and the Bsure team led by Dr. Jan Dryhoel.